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Silicone Mould for Creating Exquisite Chess Pieces

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Mould for DIY Chess Pieces

Product size: 8.5 * 22.4cm thickness: 1.1cm

Color: Transparent

This mould will allow you to cast one half of each chess piece each time you use it. The pieces will need to be glued together once the casting is completed. In order to make a full set of 32 chess pieces, you will need to use this mould 4 times.


  1. High-quality silicone, flexible and reusable.
  2. High transparency and easy to use.
  3. Odourless, non-toxic, dust-proof, durable, non-permeable.
  4.  Offer large space for adding various embellishments or fillers, like crystal, stone, dry flowers, glitter, sequins, pearl pigment, mica powder, or other elements you like.
  5. Easy to release, and store, just twist the mould to push out the resin pieces when they fully cure.
  6. Some warm soapy water is enough to completely clean the mould.
  7.  Just keep them away from direct sunlight.
  8.  Thick enough, well resistant to tearing, hard to deform, pretty durable.
  9.  Mould only, other accessories demo in the picture is not included!

Our silicone moulds, provided they are well cared for can be re-used again and again. Do not use a fire close to the mould (use a craft heating gun instead ) and be cautious when de-moulding. Try not to scratch the mould with long nails or bend it out of shape too much.

If the crafted product turns out too dull it might be that the mould has reached the end of its life (or the mould has lost the shiny interior texture). It is however still possible to keep using the mould but you may need to first have a thin layer of resin initially on top before casting and then polish the surface.