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Resin & Jesmonite Workshops - Book Your Spot Now!
Resin & Jesmonite Workshops - Book Your Spot Now!


This workshop will provide you with a solid foundation on how to work with Jesmonite Ac100


Dhs. 250 per person




March 25th 3:00pm - 5:00pm (Age limit 9 - 17 years old)

About this experience

Jesmonite Beginners Workshop with Kids

A great activity for children to get their creative juices flowing. A hands on messy fun you just don't need to clean up, sustainablity discovered. 

In this workshop, we will guide your child through all the steps to pour Jesmontie into different silicone moulds. The ultimate chameleon effect of Jesmonite enable the students to play around with jesmonite and choose the color that they want to work on the mold. Using their chosen colours they will create their choice of product by pouring, marbling or even adding terrazzo mediums and textures to their colours into the silicon moulds.

Jesmonite is an eco-friendly, sustainable acrylic-based material, which is solvent-free and has no VOC's and is often called an ecofriendly-resin, it is easy to work with, beginner friendly and produces desirable results.


  • Mixing and adding colours to Jesmonite and creating their chosen colour palette with different techniques. 

  • How tocreatively cast the materials into a silicon mould.

  • How to produce the trending marble effect, with the techniques in mixing and pouring. 

  • How to create terrazzo chips using Jesmonite. 

  • How to add terrazzo chips to Jesmonite to get the effect of terrazzo finish. 

  • How to safely sand their creation and seal them for glowing.

  • The great part, Home decor your creation, you take back the one you created.  

Cancellation Policy: The workshop fee is non-refundable. If you are unable to attend, your spot can be gifted to a friend. Resinarthub reserves the right to cancel or postpone the workshop after which a refund can be requested should all parties agree. Each ticket covers one guest only. Tickets for workshops cannot be shared. Bookings are virtual and a confirmation email will be sent to you. Throughout the workshop, hygiene protocols will be observed, implemented, and maintained. It is your responsibility to inform our team in advance if you have any health concerns. When paying for this workshop, you agree to all terms & conditions as well.


Your Host

Host image

Sheba is a Dubai-Based Artist, a businesswomen having 2 years of experience in working with and creating Resin and Jesmonite products . She has been conducting Jesmonite workshops and sharing her technical knowledge on how to create the trending and unique Jesmonite Art.

She believes craft is as much about creativity as it is about connection. This activity will keep the child entertained but also provide new skills that can be applied to future projects to occupy their time and stretch their minds beyond the workshop.