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Resin Shaker Molds Set Charms Pendant Jewelry Making Supplies 10 Trays with 5 Seal Films

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  • Liquid shaker resin charm casting moulds and clear sealing films set of 15-count. Includes varied shape of molds_watermelon, cat head, hedgehog, ice cream, crescent moon, star, heart, perfume bottle, pocket watch, planet
  • Make waterfall Jewelry keychain or quicksand bag charms or snow globe effect room decor or cabochons on phone cases by adding glitter, confetti, embellishments, floating charms, miniature, rhinestones, baby oil/water/water + glue/liquid (if you want to make waterfall effect) or anything colourful, kawaii, sparkle.
  • With a mini hole at the side for filling liquids. Seal the shaker with clear film. Easy to stick and does not leak. The film can be cut in varied shapes as your need.
  • Transparent soft mould, you can check the bottom when process the project. Easy to de-mould, gloss finish.
  • Mainly use with modelling clay (air clay, paper clay, resin clay, poly clay, polymer clay, salt clay, metal clay, liquid clay etc.), resin(epoxy resin, urethane resin,          UV resin), concrete, cement, plaster, hot glue, soap, candle, wax, mix media and more.

 Our silicone moulds, provided they are well cared for can be re-used again and again. Do not use a fire close to the mould (use a craft heating gun instead ) and be cautious when de-moulding. Try not to scratch the mould with long nails or bend it out of shape too much.

If the crafted product turns out too dull it might be that the mould has reached the end of its life (or the mould has lost the shiny interior texture). It is however still possible to keep using the mould but you may need to first have a thin layer of resin initially on top before casting and then polish the surface.