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Join Our Workshops in 𝗗𝘂𝗯𝗮𝗶 this JULY!
How To Make Your Scented Candles at Home

How To Make Your Scented Candles at Home


Enter the exciting world of candlemaking, where creativity and simplicity coexist. Whether you're just starting, a pro, or launching your own candle business, our easy-to-follow instructions will transform your room into a scented haven.



Candle Containers:

Candle Containers - Jesmonite Molds

Pick stylish, heat-resistant jars, cups, or tins that suit your taste in decor. Be creative and use empty jars, molds you have at home or explore these Jesmonite molds for a unique twist on traditional containers.(Click here for Candle Workshop In Dubai)

Pro tip: Carefully remove previous wicks and dirt if reusing.

Wicks and Soy Wax:

Wix & Soy Wax

For a smooth burn, use premium wax, such as our EcoSoya CB- Advanced Soy Wax. For this, pre-tabbed, pre-waxed wicks or even a pencil work well. Our selection of essentials for manufacturing candles will take care of you.

A Guide to Choose the Best Soy Wax for Your Candle Making

Melting and Mixing:

Candle Making at Home

Melt your wax equally using a double boiler or a melting pot, making sure the temperature doesn't go beyond 90°C. For a smooth texture, patience is necessary. Use 3–10% of the weight of our scents to add an individual flavor. 


Wicks and Containers:

HOW TO CREATE A scented CANDLE at home

Set up your wicks and containers, making sure they are dry and clean. Use a small amount of oil for easy removal in temporary containers. Using ribbons or pencils, secure the candle so that the burn is consistent. Explore our diverse molds for unique shapes.

Pouring the Magic: 


Taking care not to create air bubbles, carefully pour the fragrant mixture into the container. Even out any rough edges and reach your creative side. Explore all of the possibilities by browsing our wide range of fragrances for candle making.



Clean Equipment:

Save time by cleaning equipment while wet. For the best burning, trim the wick to ¼ inch. First, let the candle burn for four to five hours. Remove any tapes or pencils, keeping safety in mind.

Light & Enjoy:

Candle Making In Dubai

Your handmade, fragrant candle is prepared to sell online or add sophistication to your room. Enjoy the comforting touch and relaxing scent of your handmade candle. 

Be part of the creative process with Resinarthub, your top Candle Making Supplier in Dubai, UAE. Explore our diverse selection of molds, scents, and tools to enhance your candle-making journey.

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