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SALE - Up to 𝟴𝟬% Off on Pigments, Molds and more
Jesmonite® FAQs: Your Ultimate Guide to Creative Projects

Jesmonite® FAQs: Your Ultimate Guide to Creative Projects


Are you ready to dive into the world of Jesmonite and bring your creative ideas to life? We've compiled a list of frequently asked questions to guide you through your journey with Jesmonite materials. Whether you're a beginner, artist, or architect, find answers to common queries below. 

1. Can I Make Candles from Jesmonite?

Yes, Jesmonite AC100 and AC730 are suitable for candlemaking because they are both fire-resistant. On the other hand, individual flame tests for Jesmonite Sealers are suggested.

2. How Can I Avoid Air Bubbles?

To minimize air bubbles, sieve the powder into the liquid and use a Jesmonite High Sheer Mixing Blade for thorough mixing.

3. Is Jesmonite Flame-Proof?

Jesmonite AC100 and AC730 are fire-resistant, ensuring safety in various applications.

4. Is Jesmonite Food Safe?

Jesmonite products haven't undergone food safety testing. Customers are advised to research food-safe sealers independently.

5. Is Jesmonite Waterproof?

Jesmonite products aren't inherently waterproof, but applying sealers can provide water and stain resistance.

6. Can I Make Plant Pots from Jesmonite?

While it's possible to create plant pots, Jesmonite isn't waterproof. To prevent water leakage, consider lining the pots with plastic or using them for decorative plants.

7. How Can I Prevent Marks on AC100 Surface During De-Moulding?

Time is of the essence. Once Jesmonite AC100 has cooled, remove the mold to avoid any marks from the curing process.

8. Are Jesmonite Sealers Flame-Proof?

Currently, no burn-proof sealers have been found. To find the best options, customers should test the market.


Find every possibility that Jesmonite AC100 and AC730 presents for your artistic projects! Please get in touch with us if you need help or if you have any more questions. Save this guide to your bookmarks for easy access during your Jesmonite journey.

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