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What Is Jesmonite®? Eco Friendly? AC100 vs AC730

What Is Jesmonite®? Eco Friendly? AC100 vs AC730

jesmonite terrazzo

Jesmonite has become a sustainable and flexible material that is gaining popularity among artists, architects, and environmentally worried consumers in a world where choices are made by our environmental awareness. Let's investigate the nature of Jesmonite, its environmentally friendly qualities, and the variety of items made from AC100 and AC730.

What Is Jesmonite?

About fifty years ago, in the UK, gypsum and water-based acrylic resin were combined to create Jesmonite. First used in building, its safety, flexibility, and simplicity of usage have made it a popular material among artists and eco-friendly companies.

Creating Possibilities with Jesmonite: 

This stone is highly adaptable. Originally created for building, it has developed into a favored tool for sculpture and making art among artists. Businesses are already showing the design options of Jesmonite by producing ecological home décor pieces including coasters, trays, bowls, and centerpieces.

Benefits of Jesmonite Products:

Crafting with Jesmonite offers numerous advantages:

Charm: Natural-looking alternative with a luxurious vibe.
Durability: Highly malleable and long-lasting.
Flexibility: Mimics textures like stone, metal, wood, leather, and fabric.
Safety: No toxic fumes emitted during use.
Sustainability: Made from natural materials, contributing to its eco-friendly profile.

Is Jesmonite Eco-Friendly?

Yes! Gypsum, the main material in Jesmonite, is sourced using an energy-efficient method. Despite its acrylic mixture, Jesmonite remains sustainable due to its durability, low-energy manufacturing, and the potential for low-impact handmade production.

Jesmonite AC100 vs AC730:

Understanding the differences between AC100 and AC730:

  • AC100: Quick-setting, lightweight, and ideal for intricate designs.
  • AC730: Durable in all weather conditions, suitable for outdoor use, and designed for specific applications.

 Explore our range of Jesmonite products, including AC100 and AC730, Jesmonite Additives, Molds, Pigments, and Tools. Each category contributes to the diverse possibilities Jesmonite offers in crafting. 


In conclusion, we recommend you to explore the world of Jesmonite and learn about its creative and sustainable potential. Explore our options, which includes AC100 and AC730, and set up to create with intention and awareness.

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