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SALE - Up to 𝟴𝟬% Off on Pigments, Molds and more

Resin Art Workshop in Dubai: A Complete Guide

Welcome to Resinarthub, Our resin art workshops in Dubai are designed to ignite your artistic spark and let your imagination flow freely. Our workshops are designed for artists of all levels, from beginners to pros. Let's dive into the interesting realm of resin art and explore Resinarthub's workshop.

1. Geode Art Resin Workshop

Geode Art Resin Workshop

Experience the magic of crafting beautiful 30-cm geode resin art without any prior knowledge needed. Everything is covered in our practical workshop in Dubai, including how much resin to mix, selecting pigments, and using crushed glass. Allow our professional artist, Rasmina, to lead you through this process.

2. Ocean Resin Art Workshop

Ocean Resin Workshop

Enjoy a creative moment where you use resin to recreate the calmness of the water. You'll get your hands dirty creating art, pouring resin, and adding fine details in about 2.5 hours. This workshop is ideal for beginners as it guarantees an enjoyable combination of colors and textures.

3. Coffee Table Resin Workshop

Coffee Table Resin Workshop

Create a custom, beautiful coffee table to fit your interior design. Master resin mixing, pouring methods, and the addition of fine details with Rasmina's help. All materials are provided in this beginner-friendly workshop so you can create a custom coffee table that represents.

4. Resin Art Comprehensive Ready-to-Do Business Workshop

Resin Art Comprehensive Ready-to-Do Business Workshop

Spend two days learning everything you need to know about resin art so you can convert your hobby into a business. Rasmina walks you through every step of the resin art process, covering everything from basic to advanced methods. Come learn how to make notebooks, keychains, small ocean artwork, and more in this extensive class.

6. Resin Clock Workshop:

Resin Clock Workshop

While making your resin clock, learn the basic concepts of resin art. Rasmina's knowledge of security measures, resin mixing, and the craft of making exquisite clocks will help you along the way.

6. Tray and Coaster Resin Workshop:

Tray and Coaster Resin Workshop

With our beginner-friendly workshop, you may create your resin coasters and trays. To create beautiful and useful artwork, learn about casting, mixing resin, security measures, and creative techniques. We help you along the way to make sure everything goes perfectly and you have fun.

Meet Rasmina: Your Resin Art Host

Meet Rasmina, a resin artist based in Dubai with over 3 years of experience in resin art or jemonite. She found her love for resin during the early days of the pandemic and now manages a business related to resin products, offering workshops across the UAE.

The goal of Rasmina's artwork is to promote an awareness of community and connection with nature. Her works have been showcased in events like World Art Dubai 2022 and various local exhibitions in the UAE.

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