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Resin and Jesmonite Workshops are now available
Resin and Jesmonite Workshops are now available

Jesmonite AC730 Flex Metal Gel Coats + Liquid Kit (650grams)

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Color: BRASS


AC730 Flex Metal Gel Coat is a rapid setting acrylic polymer modified cement-based composite which incorporates real metal powder to achieve a range of metallic finishes. It is designed to be brush applied into moulds with both AC730 and AC830 composites being used as backing materials with suitable glass reinforcements. It is a shrinkage-compensated material of low permeability and is durable in all conditions of external weathering. The compound is alkali free and as such is free from the efflorescence associated with ordinary Portland cement-based systems. It is supplied as two components, a water-based acrylic liquid, and a blended Base.


Mix ratio - 5.5 : 1 (Base to Liquids)

Wet density - 2750 kg/m3

Dry density - 2650 kg/m3



Weathering/Durability                ETAG 034                      25 years

Water uptake/porosity               BS EN 1170-6                2.26%

Freeze-thaw resistance              DD CEN/TS 12390-9     300 cycles (normal max 56 cycles)

Fire resistance                            EN13501-1                    B-s1-d0

Dimensional stability                 BS EN 1170-7                Shrinkage = 0.83/Expansion = 1.28



Glass reinforced decorative architectural mouldings, cladding, and decorative castings. Glass reinforcements such as Jesmonite Quadaxial Fabric or 13mm Glass Chopped Strands can be utilised for lightweight, high-impact panels.



Real Metal finishes form a durable, proven GRC material Rapid curing and high early strength gain Shrinkage compensated and dimensionally stable



Liquids are supplied in 100g, 500g and 2kg jerry cans and Flex Metal Base is supplied in 550g, 2.75kg and 11kg buckets.



As a basic rule liquid containers should be kept well sealed to prevent water evaporation and skin forming. They should be stored at a constant temperature between 5 – 25oC and used within six months. Freezing must be avoided. Base should be kept dry and stored at 5 – 25oC.