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Epoke Hobby Kit (1.2kg)

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 Epoke Hobby Kit (1.2kg)

Contents: Resin 900g + Hardener 300g + 2 pairs of nitrile gloves + 2 Pieces Mixing Cups + 4 Pieces Mixing stick

Mix ratio: 3:1 by weight . Eg 30g Resin and 10g Hardener

Coverage: 1kg of mix covers 10 to 12 SqFt. in 1mm thickness.


  • Clear colourless liquids rendering a Crystal Clear coating or cast when cured.
  • Low to no odour
  • Zero VOC, Zero Solvents, Zero Fumes
  • Non toxic and safe to use indoors (as directed)
  • Self levelling system
  • High Gloss and Crystal Clear finish
  • Highly resistant to yellowing and UV resistant
  • High strength with good flexibility for chip resistance

Important Note - Please read before purchase :

1.Epoke Resin should not be mixed by volume or the end product will not have the expected hardness or durability.

2.Epoke Resin has been designed for working temperatures of 25 to 28 degrees Celsius, if the ambient temperatures are cooler you may need to remove air bubbles using a heat gun.

3.Epoxy Resin in General and Epoke Resin in particular is not full compatible with Acrylic paints and may result in a damaged or cracked end product due to structural changes caused by the inclusion of acrylic. It is best suited for Mica, Resin Pigments or Alcohol Inks.

4. Gloves May come in varied colors ranging from Blue, White or Black.

Technical Details:

Detail Time Temperature
Pot Life
45 mins
@ 28-32 deg C
Overcoat time
8 to 10 hours
@ 28-32 deg C
Touch dry
6-8 hours
@ 28-32 deg C
Cure to handle
24 hours
@ 28-32 deg C
Full internal cure
72 hours
@ 28-32 deg C