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Night Lamp Silicone Mould with Accessories

Original price Dhs. 75 - Original price Dhs. 280
Original price
Dhs. 75
Dhs. 75 - Dhs. 280
Current price Dhs. 75
Material: Night Lamp ( Accessories only)

 Night Lamp Silicone Mould with Accessories

The steps for Creating the Night Lamp are below. :

1. First use a silicone mold to make a concrete lampshade. Note that there will be excess concrete on the back of the lampshade during production, which needs to be removed first.

2. Pass the power cord through the small hole of the acrylic board and weld it with the LED light bar, and then glue the LED light bar to the acrylic board.

3. Glue the white acrylic lamp sheet to the concrete lampshade.

4. Glue the acrylic board with the LED lamp to the back of the concrete lampshade.

5. Turn on the power and the concrete table lamp is successful.