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Resin and Jesmonite Workshops are now available
Resin and Jesmonite Workshops are now available

Jesmonite AC100 Kit - 35kg (Bagged Base)

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Jesmonite AC100 35 kg (Bagged Base)

Jesmonite AC100 is a water-based composite material used to make decorative molded objects. It is safe to use and contains no solvents or VOCs. It can be cast and laminated using our unique Quad axial Glass.

Jesmonite AC100 Liquid should be used within twelve months and Jesmonite Base should be used within nine months from the date displayed on the packaging.

Products benefits
  • Superior cast and glass reinforced moldings
  • Solvent free & no VOC’s
  • Fire resistant
  • Lightweight
  • Impact resistant


  • Easy to use, adaptable material for all molding applications.
  • Suitable for decorative cast objects, mold cases, wall panels.
  • Supplied with a range of ancillary products including glass reinforcements, pigments, fillers, and control chemicals to adapt the material to the widest range of applications.
  • The ultimate chameleon material, can replicate virtually any surface, color, or texture.



Mix ratio 2.5:1 parts Base to Liquids ratio by weight

Wet density 1845 kg/m³

Dry density 1745 kg/m³

Initial set 15 – 20 minutes (18°C, No Retarder)

Expansion on set 0.15%



Compressive strength:  25 – 30 MPa

Tensile strength (UTS):  25 – 35 Mpa

Bending elastic limit (LOP):  15 – 20 Mpa

Bending strength (MOR):  50 – 65 Mpa

Youngs Modulus:  5 – 6 Mpa

Impact strength (Charpy):  30 KJ/m²

Moisture movement:  <1%

EN13501-1 Fire Classification:  B-s1-d0

Freeze/Thaw resistance:  Excellent – Test specimens undamaged

Wet/Dry 50 cycles:  Test specimens undamaged



Cast and laminated decorative moldings, and with the inclusion of suitable glass reinforcements AC100 can be used for lightweight, high-impact panels. Jesmonite AC100 provides a fire resistant coating for many expanded foams for theme park and theatre props.


Solvent free – No VOC’s

Good abrasion resistance and impact strength

High compressive and tensile strength

Rapid curing and high early strength gain



As a basic rule liquid containers should be kept well sealed to prevent water evaporation and skin forming. They should be stored at a constant temperature between 5 – 25°C and used within twelve months. Freezing must be avoided. Base should be kept dry and stored at 5 – 25°C and used within 9 months.