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SALE - Up to 𝟴𝟬% Off on Pigments, Molds and more
SALE - Up to 𝟴𝟬% Off on Pigments, Molds and more

Resin Art: Your Comprehensive Business Ready Workshop

Explore the world of resin art in our two-day comprehensive workshop. Gain hands-on experience and expert knowledge in every aspect. Ready to unleash your creativity?


Dhs. 1,200 per person



March 16th & 17th 2024 -- Saturday & Sunday 11:30am - 3:00pm -- 2 Days (7 hours) Comprehensive Workshop

About this experience

Comprehensive business workshop is design to help you to learn the resin art as a professional and the special techniques that help you start your gifting or resin related business. 

This Workshop is designed for 2 consecutive days to fully understand the practicality and use of resin.  All Materials Inclusive.

This workshop covers the following techniques and procedure. 

  • From basic to advanced techniques will be discussed through out the workshop, helping you to navigate through the process.

  • Learn How to mix different varieties of colors for resin such as resin pigments, mica powder and alcohol ink and how each of them react and produce different textures and effect.

  • Important instructions and safety practice while working with resin is discussed. 

  • Learn how to make different shape of keychains using molds such as Alphabets and also how to fix the hooks and keychain to it using drill will be demonstrated. 

  • Learn how to Make resin notebook and bookmark using moulds, correctly demolding them, polishing, adding papers, rings and tassels to it

  • learn to make a mini ocean art with wave lacing techniques. Adding sand texture, shells and miniature items will be demonstrated

  • learn how to preserve flowers in resin and make a magnet out of it. 

  • learn how to add personalized stickers to resin ornaments and seal them

  • Learn how to add personalized name/text stickers to resin bookset and name plates and seal them 

  • Learn how to cast resin into tray and coasters using gold leaf and dry flower. Floral technique, coral technique, alcohol ink designs will be demonstrated. How to fix tray handles and polish them will also be demonstrated 

  • Learn how to do a mini Geode art using crushed glass, geode lines, glitters. Making colored stones, heat gun effect will be demonstrated.

  • Beginner friendly workshop, if you are enthusiast of resin and want to pursue a business idea out of resin, this workshop will help you to attain them.  

Cancellation Policy: The workshop fee is non-refundable. If you are unable to attend, your spot can be gifted to a friend. Resinarthub reserves the right to cancel or postpone the workshop after which a refund can be requested should all parties agree. Each ticket covers one guest only. Tickets for workshops cannot be shared. Bookings are virtual and a confirmation email will be sent to you. Throughout the workshop, hygiene protocols will be observed, implemented, and maintained. It is your responsibility to inform our team in advance if you have any health concerns. When paying for this workshop, you agree to all terms & conditions as well.

For more information Contact us: 

+971561157515 or


Your Host

Host image

Rasmina is a Dubai based resin artist with over 3 years of extensive experience in resin art. She discovered her passion with resin during early pandemic days, and now is managing a business related with resin products and conducting workshops around UAE.
She is inspired to create art that instills a sense of togetherness in her viewers and harnesses a sense of unity between nature and the community.
Rasmina has exhibited her works in World Art Dubai 2022 and various other local exhibitions with UAE.

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